ISCoS 2020 – 59th ISCoS Annual Scientific Meeting  in Yokohama, Japan, 2-4 September 2020

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All ISCoS members should know the close relationship between our Society and the Paralympics. Our Society was founded among the doctors who had accompanied the Teams to the International Stoke Mandeville Games (see ‘The History of ISCoS’ on ISCoS website). You might know that the Tokyo 1964 Paralympic Games were the first Games for which the name “Paralympic” can be proven to exist in written form. It is not a rule for us to hold our annual meeting at the time of the Paralympics anymore, but you may have good memories of ISCoS 2012 in London. 

We are very pleased to welcome you to Japan at the time of the 2020 Paralympics. The meeting venue is in Yokohama, neighboring to Tokyo, about half an hour from Tokyo city centre by commuter trains.

This is the third ISCoS meeting in Japan. The first was at the time of Paralympics 1964. The second was in Kobe in 1994 and we hold the WHO/IMSoP Prevention Symposium which may be the first collaboration with WHO. In this third meeting, you would see the hope of application of innovative biological technologies and robotics to spinal cord injury. 

We hope that you would have fruitful discussions of the scientific programme and a wonderful experience of mixture of modern and traditional Japan.

Best Regards

Professor Shinsuke Katoh